Wow, Woodyboaterville Weather Whiplash

Oh, you thought it was over? This Milk is now Ice Cream

What the hell frozen over happened yesterday? It was 70 the day before. Then this. Lots of this, this, and more of that and this. One thing is f… Read more

Hello 2022, Please Be Kind.

Betty, we miss you already

Really? Betty White, 2021, you bitch. Ya took one of our best at the last second to just add some sort of horrible punctuation to the ship show you where. Good riddance. … Read more

Merry Christmas, Whatchya Git?

He needs a bigger boat

It’s Christmas morning and mostly of us here are dads, granddads and well Daddy O’s. Yes some Moms, and grandmas, But according to the stats, 85% Dads. And we … Read more