Woody Boater HQ Invaded By Bears!

HQ – You can see Stinky on the left side

One of the joys of doing this every day, is it can be a small break from a day focused on many other things for many clients and people. Doing this can be r… Read more

It’s Bob Kays Days. Happy B Day Bob!

Lil Bob Kays

Today our long time fellow Woody Boater turns the big Six OHHHHH! Nooooo! But with Bob like many of us, Its just a number. Since we are all really about 12 years old according to our fam… Read more

I Am Thankful For…

The Annual Pass The varnish Painting

Today we feast. Then sit around and complain, feast some more and then go shopping. But nothing is open. Then it hit me. We are open. And what a great time to sa… Read more