Distractions In Woodyboaterville.


I know to many of you, all you want from me is boats, boats and more boats. Me too! BTW, not #MeToo, me as well. But also life in Woodyboaterville does not just run on Varnish and Mahog… Read more

I Need A Boat Ride

Slow peaceful ride

I am not one to burry my head in the sand. And living in the DC area and having co workers who had to lock down and evacuate there homes is a painful reminder that turning away from … Read more

Woody Boater Has Gone To The Dog!

Ahhhhhhh! The digger!

I know, I know, what about boats? Ya! I feel the same way. But from about 4AM until about 7:30 Am each morning, I am a bit occupied. Oh sure we have not missed a story through Hu… Read more