Less Water, Drying Out At HQ

Mr B does not like this stuff.

Funny thing about disasters. Yes Odd and Funny ha ha BTW. They can actually be very photogenic. They capture emotion, and things we can only imagine in our dark thou… Read more

Water, Water And More Water.


I just put that mulch in. Lesson learned.

Funny thing, not ha ha funny, but more ugh funny. When you see all your stuff under water, you just sit there and think. Well, not a whole lot I can do … Read more

Lost Boat! Miss Water Puss Is MIA

Miss Water Puss.. LOST AT SEA!

You may be wondering why I am late this morning. Well.. Been out looking for Miss water puss, the Boatress’s plastic boat. That we never use, think about or a… Read more

It’s Mr B’s-irthday!

Mr B. B is for Bruiser. 8 Weeks old

Today we all celebrate Mr B’s 1st Birthday! Yup. He is one year old, and brings a smile to my face every day, hour, minute. He has become a great little sidek… Read more