LIVE From Lake Dora Vintage Race

We have a short message from Terry Fiest at Wooten Park in Tavaras Florida reporting on the Vintage Boat Races. It’s gives you a brief view of how its going and what they are doing to make su… Read more

Algonac – The Soul Of Motor Boating.

Detail from Algonac banner

If you consider yourself a boater, more specifically a power boater. Then you may be missing the inner understanding of why you love motor boating so much. Unless yo… Read more

Happy Wakes To You, Until We Meet Again!

Hey, you guys want to go take some photos? The light is perfect?

Here they are, the morning shoot from Lake Dora. These are a combination of YNOT Yachts and our photos. I know I have been hyping the… Read more

Family Fun In The Florida Sun!

A flock of Feather Crafts made quite a splash here yesterday.

One sure sign I am getting revived is that I havn’t been on ebay for an entire week! I am sure you all are thankful as well. Today … Read more