You Can’t Hack Into A Classic Boat!

Oh ya

If you are in the awareness of global hacking and the impending doom of it all, then we as a small community of classic boaters can rest-ish easy. See, the beauty of our boats is they have ZERO… Read more

Our Classic Boats Run On The Power Of Now!

Some moments are frozen in the NOW!

This weeks incredibly tragic news has effected many of us in many ways. The senselessness of it all, and the thought of how quickly and randomly it can all chan… Read more

Change Isn’t Easy, In This Community Painful.

It can be a rough ride at times

Two weeks ago, we here at WoodyBoater had a bit of a watershed moment. Extreme nastyness took over and to be transparent, I did not know quite how to stop it. There is t… Read more

Knot Again! The Investigation Is in.

Today we are going to show peaceful photos.

Well the results are in from the investigation on the Knot debate. Actually it was over that day, but what sort of fun would that be? A good back and fort… Read more

Doing A Whole Lotta Nothing.

The lights work!

This past two weeks I have tried to slow down. I have only taken time off work for two weeks a couple times in my life. It seems like there is always something to do. And needs to get d… Read more

The Word Vintage Has Been Ruined. RANT ALERT

My barn is full of texture. Most everything is from Reedville, and my life as WoodyBoater.

I love..wait, loved the word Vintage. It used to actually mean something. Technically from a specifi… Read more

Do We Really Need Younger People?

Hey are you a younger person?

While at Lake Dora, I noticed that a huge amount of the folks there were younger people. Shockingly lots of them. It hit me like a ton of bricks that the passion alread… Read more