Saved By The Bell! Again…

No I am not talking about some teen TV show. So those of you reading this under the age of 15. Sorry. Quick! click away, it’s going to read like blah blah from your parents…. Runnnnnn… Read more

Pardon My Wake Of Words. I Got Somth'n To Say!

I found this decal on the web. Somehow I made a connection. Sometimes while writing this journal I feel like this guy. Racing through the hobby, creating havoc in my wake of rants and comments. F… Read more

A Barrel Full Of Barrel Backs For Sale.

Man oh Man O Shevitz! If you are in the market for a Barrel Back. Now is the time. After my daily cruise through Antique boat Center, Mitch Lapointe, Antique Boat America, And Carolina Classic bo… Read more

ACBS, My Check Is In The Mail.

It really is. I read in the Rudder that Dues have gone up. OK, did not even notice. I get inflation and so on. What I do not get though, is what does it buy? OK a better 2.0 web site, and a magazine, and a … Read more