One Year For Antique & Classic Boating!

I can not believe it. One year old today. 311 stories. Who would have guessed there would be that much to talk about on a daily basis. Not me for sure. What a year, great shows, tons of new pals, and a … Read more

In Need Of A Funny Classic Boat Headline.

OK, times up, I have spent all morning trying to write a funny headline and story around this shot of fellow Woody Boaters David’s boat out in front of his house… Crickets. Lines li… Read more

It Takes Some Nerve To Go Classic Boating!

I was speaking with some other classic boaters this weekend about our boats, and a theme kept coming up, folks talking about there nerves being jittery before starting up there classic boats, … Read more

Lehman Brothers Sinking! Get A Classic Boat.

I’m not sure what’s worse. Hurricane Ike gas price gouging, my real estate crashing, or now my 401 K shrinking like my pee pee in a cold lake swim. Thanks to all those fancy wall stre… Read more