Woody Boater State Of The Union.

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WoodyBoater has just hit 40,000 page views. With visitors from all over the world. I have no idea why someone in Saudi Arabia wants to look at Classic Woody Boats… Read more

Classic Boating. Then AA, Now ACBS!

Funny thing about advertising. It can tell us more about our history than any text book. Marshall McLuhan is quoted as saying “Advertising is the cave art of the 20the century” Wi… Read more

I'm Not Ready For The Weekend To End!

Dang, that’s a great title for a country song! What a weekend here in VA. 80 degrees, no humidity and big puffy clouds. Went through 2 tanks of gas. I left my eco footprint all over the Bay an… Read more

Not So Fast, Mr Phelps!

This Olympics is one of the best in my life time. Beijing has gone all out and watching something positive happen on the TV is very refreshing. A huge part of that is Michael Phelps. He is what we ar… Read more