Miss America VIII Short Film – Rated IIX

Thats right, right here, A short film on the amazing Gar Wood that is to be auctioned off at next weeks Mecum Auction in Florida. Fellow Woody Boater Scott Ales is on screen talking about the hist… Read more

Yes, It’s The Oldest Joke In The Book, But..

I admit it, I am 53 years old and a good fart joke still makes ma laugh. Toilet humor and bad dumb jokes still bring a smile to my smacker. I am still 12 according to my wife by the way. One could say tha… Read more

The 2011 Woody Boater State Of The Union.

Tavaras Florida 2011 - this is my favorite shot of the year. Just 3 months away!

My fellow Woodyboaterions.. I sit here this morning overlooking the magnificence of Lake Cyberspace. And take t… Read more