Are We A Hobby? Or Sport? Again!

This is a little something that has noodled my noodle for years. I think I have even done stories on it. I am scratching my noodle about it. Regardless, of the past. We now have a printed proof that … Read more

It’s One Of Those Days In Woodyboaterville.

I have written 3 stories today and they are all duds. Either bitter, boring, or one that has no link to forward you too. UGH. I have been up since 5AM producing crap, and you know how low the bar is he… Read more

I Am Not Going Boating This Weekend.

It’s the big weekend July 4th, and sadly even though I own 5 boats, and 8 docks, the idea of being out on the water with all the crazy’s is not a good idea. Boating is a calming escape fr… Read more