Will The Corona Virus Effect Classic Boating?

I am ready!

First, I am not the place you should be getting information on the Corona Virus. But to be honest even more, our little universe of classic boaters is so small that no one will likely wr… Read more

My Varnish Coffee Store Concept

Its a thing

For the next three days I am working from 6AM until 7PM on location.. Ugh.. I am thinking of bagging all my work and moving to a small lake and opening a coffee shop on the water. You can co… Read more

You Can’t Hack Into A Classic Boat!

Oh ya

If you are in the awareness of global hacking and the impending doom of it all, then we as a small community of classic boaters can rest-ish easy. See, the beauty of our boats is they have ZERO… Read more

Our Classic Boats Run On The Power Of Now!

Some moments are frozen in the NOW!

This weeks incredibly tragic news has effected many of us in many ways. The senselessness of it all, and the thought of how quickly and randomly it can all chan… Read more