The Word Vintage Has Been Ruined. RANT ALERT

My barn is full of texture. Most everything is from Reedville, and my life as WoodyBoater.

I love..wait, loved the word Vintage. It used to actually mean something. Technically from a specifi… Read more

Do We Really Need Younger People?

Hey are you a younger person?

While at Lake Dora, I noticed that a huge amount of the folks there were younger people. Shockingly lots of them. It hit me like a ton of bricks that the passion alread… Read more

Thankyou, You Saved Me!

That is inner peace.

Warning, I am for this brief moment going to be a little more exposed in my feelings. So if you are looking for a fight for clicks, it aint gonna happen. Or maybe it will? I will a… Read more

Are We Addicted To METH? You Just Might Be?

I Don’t feel so good!

As we all are about to meet up again in Lake Dora in two weeks, There will be no doubt about the topic of conversations in club meeting. We Need More Younger People. Yes. … Read more