OH SHIP! NOS Unassembled Dolphin Pedal Car


Hi my name is Matt, and I am a pedlecaric. Yes, I have been about 25 years pedal car free. But today I am struggling. Holy crap! This little Dolphin Pedal car boat combo punch may literally make … Read more

The Boat Show 100 Years In The Making.

The Show of the 100 year

One Hundred Years ago when Christopher Smith and Gar Wood, John Hacker and countless others could not imagine the revolution they had started. A revolution of joy, fami… Read more


Barb and Carol are so ready to go boating. Steve and Jim just keep taking pictures. Barb of course is more vocal, while Carol is secretly planning her divorce.

Today, mid week, we have a boat show… Read more

What Time Is It? It Doesn’t Matter Here.

Surround yourself in timeless

Over the years I have loved playing with the notion of stopping time, or even better, ignoring the concept of time. I mean time is time, but the change of time can be … Read more

A Sleep Live-ish From Florida

South Carolina

One thing about a hail mary run. The last couple hours are the hell. But the feeling of any bed is pure heaven. But waking up is a bitch. Where am I, what am I doing? A new routine.. And … Read more