One Photo, Sums Up Last Nights Party At HQ.

Once The Boatress got up on Mr Bench and started dancing for money..well…

Last night we celebrated 20 Years of being in business with the ad agency The Boatress and I started. A high risk m… Read more

Mr B And I Built A Mr”B”each

What in the hell are you looking at? All you do is take pictures while I WORK! Put down the camera and pick up that shovel. 

Mr “B”each is now ready for company, and not a day too soon. … Read more

They Are Shooting Baby’s Now In Burlington.

Kent splaining something

Well if that headline doesn’t grab you, nothing will. Oh how we all have become so desensitized to click bait headlines. Okay, okay, calm down.. Chris Bullin a… Read more

Ebay Chris Craft Sign ALERT!

Know what you are bidding on!

If you are one of the 25 ish bids on the large ebay Chris Craft sign.. BTW, the only one..for now. Make sure you know what you are bidding on. In the image above, the top s… Read more