I Got Nuth’n


I have feared this may happen some day. I got nuth’n. I suppose this happens when you try and take a break and don’t have a boat ride to rejuvinate you. And one things for sure… Read more

Sloppy Sunday Sausage Day

Interesting how a name on a boat can make anything that much cooler

We have arrived in Higginsville and are getting adjusted to the one hour difference. Surprisingly harder than the usual 3 hou… Read more

On The Road To Higginsville HQ

Well we are on our track to the southern hq for a much needed break. It’s supposed to be in the 70s in New Orleans on Christmas Day! Woohoo. Of course right now I am in a hotel room somewhere in Alab… Read more

Uggggggggggggh. Shhhhhhhhhh, PLEASE…….

Got a hangover this morning, you are not alone! Introducing Woody Boater Virtual hangover elixsor. Dont read the legal warnngs on the back, it will just scare you. The good news is that your ski

Read more