Happy Hot Momma Day!

Ken Furrers Momma in 1948!

Ya, I went there. On this sacred day, the…THE, one day a year we honor our mothers and all mothers out there. And how did mothers become mothers? YA.. Hot Mommas. … Read more

Saturday Weigh In. UGH. 40ish Days Til Dora.

Up 6 lbs! WTH?

Well, I said I would weigh in for better or worse. And yes, I dropped a quick 10lbs the first week. Like I have moved a boat from Florida in the Summer to Lake Tahoe. I dropped a ton of wat… Read more

Death And Destruction Lead 2019 Stories. Ugh!

We all felt it

Since it seems that this is the time of year to look back and see what we all talked about, I looked through the stats. And the top stories were of course the Boat explosion. And Joe Tur… Read more