WHAT? REALLY? No.. Just No!

Okay, who got into the copy room. Do you know how expensive that Xerox Machine is? Really? Someone has to clean that screen now. You and your smelly butt stuff. You are … Read more

14th Annual Holiday Office Party TOMORROW.

Let’s party like its 2019

Are you ready? Not me, been trying to clean up the place and no matter what I do, spammers and Russian hackers keep causing problems. This year I am mixing up a wond… Read more

Shady Lawn House, And Dart Boat Company.

SHADY LAWN HOUSE – Lake Hopatcong NJ

A huge thanks to Bob Kays for this cool photo of Shady Lawn House. What a great name for a hotel. The name congers up some amazing warm images. Also a huge … Read more

Live From New Orleans

Spotted in Missasipi. Missasiipi, Mississippi, YES! I did the little song and it worked. Congrats to Laura Howell for making it a fun day! You get a pack of frozen Weiners!

Sorry, no trailer… Read more