I Have Some Things To Get Off My Chest.

Well, we are still picking away at little tidbits of digital scraps that appear, then disappear and then. AHHHHH! I mean you fix something and then another thing does whatever thing it does whi… Read more

Alive And Sleepy From New Orleans

Yesterday we slipped out of Reedville at 3AM to try and get ahead of natures wrath. Which of course meant a hail Mary run, with 3 dogs, and so on. Didnt even stop for the never ending fast food crap. … Read more

Facebook Feeding Frenzy Over The Weekend

Yesterday longtime fellow Woody Boater and pal Jim Grant, sent me a link to a Facebook post regarding some stuff a daughter was trying to get a value on from some of her dads collection. He had pas… Read more

One Photo, Sums Up Last Nights Party At HQ.

Last night we celebrated 20 Years of being in business with the ad agency The Boatress and I started. A high risk move during the big tech crash. And we have never looked back. We wanted to build a c… Read more