Save Me Sausage!

DIM! Dim has ruined many a boating moment throughout history.

Okay, I am out on the West Coast in LA on a TV shoot and my internal clock is all messed up, so in order to make the east coast deadline, s… Read more

Nuth’n But Road!

Stay Ruby, Stay!

We are headed home, and Ruby despite all our efforts loves to escape her area in the car. So stay tuned, Woody Boater is all open to the comment gods today. I wonder where it will go… Read more

Slow Internet And Good Food.


You might be wondering why Woody Boater is a little wonky these days. Late stories, stories that are rushed, and a little more clumbsey than normal. Also the emails come in a day lat… Read more


The tag as it appeared in the comment section.

Yesterday Jim Staib put this old original name plate in the comment section. Now, one may see a gold/grey treasure from the past that fits your very … Read more

Am I Addicted To My Woody Boat?

Man O’ Man that smells good

You may think I am kidding around. I am not. And I think I might have a problem. See there is this thing called “Inhalant Addiction”. See, not kiddi… Read more