Mr B And I Built A Mr”B”each

Mr “B”each is now ready for company, and not a day too soon. We have a small gathering of my ad agency here on Thursday night to celebrate 20 years in business. Yup, 20 years ago I step… Read more

They Are Shooting Baby’s Now In Burlington.

Well if that headline doesn’t grab you, nothing will. Oh how we all have become so desensitized to click bait headlines. Okay, okay, calm down.. Chris Bullin and Kent O. Smith Jr were out … Read more

Ebay Chris Craft Sign ALERT!

If you are one of the 25 ish bids on the large ebay Chris Craft sign.. BTW, the only one..for now. Make sure you know what you are bidding on. In the image above, the top sign is whats on ebay. General… Read more

OH SHIP! NOS Unassembled Dolphin Pedal Car

Hi my name is Matt, and I am a pedlecaric. Yes, I have been about 25 years pedal car free. But today I am struggling. Holy crap! This little Dolphin Pedal car boat combo punch may literally make me w… Read more