Happy Columbus Day, Christopher.

Today we celebrate one of the true Woody Boaters of all time. Here is a painting of Christopher Columbus being grateful the boat didn’t break down on the voyage. Little known fact. As he a… Read more

Labor Day Rerun. Hey, I Needed The Day Off Too.

Love is in the air, and a whiff of rodent poop

Today we are going to rerun a story from last labor day. Labor Of Love. Why? Cause I am slamming on Sweet Pea for her show debut at the Reedville show. Als… Read more

Being Blocked In The Comment Section? Me Too!

Have you seen this?

Over the past weeks we have been dealing with an issue of some and now all being blocked from posting photos in the comment section. This has been beyond frustrating for many a… Read more

David Spade Goes Woody Boating-ish

David makes a point?

One of my favorites David Spade of Joe Dirt fame has a new talk show. Ya! At least its a new kinda talk show, but that’s not the point of today’s story. Today̵… Read more


I have now officially cracked again. The mindless dribble that is Facebook is insane. And more and more crap is uploaded daily that could be helpful to others. now I get it. We use facebook. But y… Read more

A Heart Warming Film 25 Years In The Making.

Life, Love and Varnish

You are so gonna need a hanky today after you watch this amazing short film. I promise you that you will go out and want to hug your boat, sign up for Lake Dora next year and cal… Read more