The Boat Show 100 Years In The Making.

One Hundred Years ago when Christopher Smith and Gar Wood, John Hacker and countless others could not imagine the revolution they had started. A revolution of joy, family, fun, freedom. The m… Read more


Today, mid week, we have a boat show! Yup, a good old vintage virtual show. Old school. The way they used to do it before zoom and the internet. A dark room and some beer and memories. Honestly I nev… Read more

What Time Is It? It Doesn’t Matter Here.

Over the years I have loved playing with the notion of stopping time, or even better, ignoring the concept of time. I mean time is time, but the change of time can be fun to experience. If you surro… Read more

A Sleep Live-ish From Florida

One thing about a hail mary run. The last couple hours are the hell. But the feeling of any bed is pure heaven. But waking up is a bitch. Where am I, what am I doing? A new routine.. And I want to just sl… Read more


Okay, who got into the copy room. Do you know how expensive that Xerox Machine is? Really? Someone has to clean that screen now. You and your smelly butt stuff. You are a bunch of animals. Well, ac… Read more