Tampa Thunderbolt For Sale On eBay!

There she is!

If you are in the market for a worthy project, THIS IS ONE OF THEM! Hands down one of the dream boats, a 1937 Thunderbolt. Looks like a project stopped in the middle, new chrome, engin… Read more

Going Out For Some Color This Weekend?

1920 Hutchinson Great Lakes Gold Cup racer. Photo Murry Walker

It’s getting a little crispy cold out there. This could be the last gasp weekend for many? Some already. We here in VA are so… Read more

No Power, No Phone, No Story

You get bacon today. We had a visitor named Michael last night and he trashed the place. No power, and yes we have a generator but no internet. And no cell service so we have driven 20 miles away to g… Read more

Mr Old Props!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Eric Zelman for sending us in his “Road Trip” Fun to Propville… A small town on the way to Woodyboaterville… Take it away Eric..

As I con… Read more

Breaking News – Don Danneberg Is NOT Dead.

I love when stories get a life, and in this case a death of their own. If you read the story and comments from yesterday you will see that at some point, some person tried to sell one of Don’s a… Read more

Enough Of The AC…BS

Hamster reminds us all!

Well, today’s story was supposed to be a wonderful one on how fantastic the “Boat The Blue” event was. Records shattered, close to 800 free boat rid… Read more