14th Annual Holiday Office Party TOMORROW.

Are you ready? Not me, been trying to clean up the place and no matter what I do, spammers and Russian hackers keep causing problems. This year I am mixing up a wonderful varnish punch. mmmmmmm, t… Read more

Shady Lawn House, And Dart Boat Company.

A huge thanks to Bob Kays for this cool photo of Shady Lawn House. What a great name for a hotel. The name congers up some amazing warm images. Also a huge shout out to the Ramsey Bros for keeping the… Read more

Live From New Orleans

Sorry, no trailer…..yet. The Boatress, and all decided on a Road trip for family to the New Orleans HQ. There are chores lined up and food to eat, and most of all, sleep.. SAAALLLLEEEEEPP… Read more