Yappy Holidays. So Whatchya Get?

New Gauges?

It’s our annual Christmas brag time. What did you get for Christmas? A drill, sander? Case of Varnish? A boat? This will be a year to remember, and as crappy as it may be on so may … Read more

Oh Boy!

Too much to drink

Well, I just woke up, and had to walk over M-fine and Zip. Dang that chimp can drink. And well, Bacon and drinking never mix. I see shreds of Twister parts all over the place. So I am … Read more

Breaking News: Lake Dora 2021 Canceled!

If you are wondering if going to Lake Dora in March is in the cards? NO! Here is the note from Terry Fiest himself.

It’s with mixed emotions that I must inform you that we cancelled the Sunnyland … Read more

I Am Thankful For All Of You.

Pass the Purell please!

I loved seeing Texx back yesterday, it was like family visiting during the holidays. This year is like no other year that I have personally experienced. As crappy and tr… Read more