The game is started and some hard core crap went down. $40K in two minutes. OUCH, stay tuned here for the BS and ship talk afterwords. Here is the bid history as of 3:42, And then 2 seconds bef… Read more

The Parts Room. AKA The Room Of Nuts!

Dee’s Nuts and more nuts, and some bolts, nails, Zincs..

As we go through the past couple months of my weekends and moments not on zoom calls, one room has been the most tedious. The parts r… Read more

Let’s See The Workshop.

This is a photo taken in 2019 of the large work shop.

We have been focused on the smaller shop, but since December we have been going though tons of scrap wood, saw dust and templates, parts etc to s… Read more

Daisy Chain UPDATE – It’s Going Down Today!


Stay tuned for minute by minute updates as The Mystery boat is picked up TODAY and her story will be reviled. Here is the plan as of now.

TParsons, is driving Rochester Mich to Holland via a … Read more