Dear ACBS.

Dear ACBS,

As a marketing professional for close to 40 years I would like to offer up a strategy and observation for you all to discuss at your upcoming meetings. If I may be so bold to barge in and o… Read more

Can I Just Go Boating Today!

Buttercups KFL is running like a champ thanks to VanNess Carb rebuilds.

The water is flat as a pancake, and we just got Buttercup running. It’s 7:30 AM and I need to decide, Boating, or wri… Read more


You can see other Woody Boaters headed north on the App

It’s 4 AM ish and half way to Clayton. Decided to stop before I hit the Presidents speech area in PA, figured a room would be hard to fin… Read more

Would You Loan Your Boat To A Pal?

Alex Watson’s amazing special U22 with factory custom windshield and 25 Sportsman mid seat custom configuration – Yes thats Alex’s dock. Part of it

Recently Alex Watson … Read more