Did Anyone Know Hitler?

We did a story on this a while back. Crazy stuff

Yesterday, I received a question form a teacher, no doubt a history teacher regarding something that was told to him about Chris Craft and Hitler. … Read more

I Am Not Going To Say Anything Today.

The Brass Bell has a twin? Who knew?

My mother used to say, if you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all. So today. I am not going to say a word. I am going to g… Read more

Best Buddies Day

Who wants to go on a “BOAT RIDE”

Yesterday I snuck out of the office and drove home for the weekend. Hey, some weeks are 7 day work weeks and when you get the chance you take it. So I did. … Read more

Are We All Sexist Pigs?

Dick Frost Racer – Yes, thats his name, and we all want a name like that!

Well… Yesterdays story on Ink clot Babes caused some drama for sure. Emails and some unsubscribers. I suppo… Read more