The Warners Go On Holiday.

The Warners about to head out for a ski

Meet George and Biffy Warner, they are from out east, and went on there summer holiday to the family place in McCall  Idaho. Turns out Biffy’s fathe… Read more

Stinky Wants To Go Back Home!

Stinky yesterday morning

Stinky and I went on a morning ride yesterday. Perfect flat water and amazing weather. Anyway we were out there just having a blast, and we had a conversation of sorts. … Read more

The Woody Wedding Sausage, Bratwurst?

The Boatress and Suz enjoying themselves.. ALOT

The milking of the Woody Wedding is coming to an end. And the Sausage part of any milking is a great way to conclude it all. For those of you new read… Read more