Woody Gal’s Daddy Had One


Want one for yourself? Well DADDY HAD ONE could be yours. Okay, warning, this story could make some Who’s on first? turns. So you can skip the bla blah and just click on the ebay l… Read more

It’s Mr B’s-irthday!

Mr B. B is for Bruiser. 8 Weeks old

Today we all celebrate Mr B’s 1st Birthday! Yup. He is one year old, and brings a smile to my face every day, hour, minute. He has become a great little sidek… Read more

We All Owe Wilson Wright A Standing Ovation.

    But first take a seat. Wilson loved a good laugh.

Yesterday  it was announced that one of the pillars of the classic boat community had passed away in his sleep on sept 2. Wilson Wright of cours… Read more

Driving Miss Jimmy

Engine flaps up

The other day Jimmy got YANNON in the water, and whenever he does that, two things happen. My good camera come out, and one of her carbs has issues. YANNON is without doubt one of th… Read more