On The Run – Troy Sighting In Reedville!

For the record, Troy is not in handcuffs.

We are officially back on track here in Woodyboaterville. Humans are getting out and about and headed to Florida. Two years in the making. And we got to g… Read more

35 Years In The Blink Of An Eye

35 years ago today

35 years ago, the Boatress and I tied the knot. See, I made this a boat story.. Knot.. 35 years ago she said YES, and has been saying No ever since. But that one YES, has been the gif… Read more

Boating In December, In New Jersey? What?

Hey what ya doing today, oh just hanging around

You open the door to step outside and brace yourself for that hit of chill that seems to find any part of your body to attack it. And boom, it’s … Read more