Getting Married In Classic Boat Style!

The only downside to getting married in the Thousand Islands is…. what happens when it rains? I was able to grab this shot of the poor bride being hauled to her reception.. I hope, and not h… Read more

The Ladies Dig My Seams!

Found this old shot on eBay. Thought it was fun. And to my surprise, there they were. The seams. If you look closely near the aft end of the boat, near the guide post, you can see them. Seams opening … Read more

Hybrid Classic Boat Shoes.

Can’t decide between Crocs and Top Siders boat shoes. Nothing worse then climbing out of your 1932 triple sport’n lime green crocs! How bout a hybrid version. Here is the latest f… Read more

Dogs and Classic Boating.

Funny thing about dogs and what your expectations are. We have several dogs. My wife has a little scrappy Maltese mix mut thing and I have a nice Portuguese water dog. OK, they are the families do… Read more