Amish Woody Boaters! Skiff Craft.

Welcome to Skiff Craft, in business since 1904 as the Henry Boat Company. In 1959, the company was renamed Skiff Craft and moved to Ohio. By relocating to Ohio, Local Amish and Mennonite commun… Read more

Woody Boater Of The Month. Al Benton.

We’re would the online Classic boat community be with out Al Benton? Well… up a creek with out knowing what paddle you need…
I first met Al the way most folks have, on-line on … Read more

Chris Smith Signs Sylvia!

What a day. Chris Smith, Grandson of Chris Smith the father of Chris Craft, came by and we had a great conversation, he officially christened Sylvia with his touch and signature on the dash. Wha… Read more

Woody Boater Of The Month. Joe Martell.

No one has done more to move the Antique & Classic boat community to action more than Joe Martell this month. He has brought a behind the scenes ugly argument in the Antique & Classic boa… Read more