Buy A Sea Skiff And Help SCAMPY.

00E0E_fuF7FmDpnIh_600x450How about a short break from trying to solve the issues facing the classic boat culture?  Today we are focusing on this special 22 foot Sea Skiff for sale in Florida. This special Sea Skiff was d… Read more

Is This The Year Of The Sea Skiff?

28 Sea Skiff on ebay! Amazing. Love the Red theme bathing suite! Perfect!

I was cruising the web looking for boat porn the other day… OK, every day… OK every second of every day. And … Read more

Last Gasp For Some Stripers!

Out on the Atlantic with David!

Biggest Balls Winner David Konick and his trusty Sea Skiff headed out for some big stripers. That’s Stripe-er, not strippers. Two entirely different th… Read more