Late Live-ish From Milwaukee

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Jack Schneiberg reporting in from The Greater Milwaukee Boat Show. “It opened yesterday to zero temperatures and snow. Good ole’ Wisconsin Weather. E… Read more

A Barn Find Turns Into Far Far More.

Patrick on the deck, trying to figure out what this is?

Last week, Jim Scott and I found out about a cool marina close by that may have a couple old boats in it that have not been in the water for a bit. … Read more

Yes, It’s The Oldest Joke In The Book, But..

I admit it, I am 53 years old and a good fart joke still makes ma laugh. Toilet humor and bad dumb jokes still bring a smile to my smacker. I am still 12 according to my wife by the way. One could say tha… Read more

Midway Old School Yachting Caps

I have received a mess of emails lately regarding yachting caps. As you know, Lancaster hat Co. closed it’s doors a year ago and we lost a wonderful resource for the real deal. Lancaster w… Read more