Live From Antique Boat Center University..

This is the official shot they sent.. All the students look interested in what Joel has to say..

Live from Cincinnati Ohio..  to this weekends class on everything cool about your classic boat … Read more

New Classic Boat Comment Fodder!

Here is this afternoons Classic Boat entertainment…..I ugh.. OK, well…I am speechless…. Its a golf cart/ John Dear/ Classic Boat/ something? I was sent this last week fr… Read more

This Is For All You Woody Boater Lovers, Lovers!

Nothing says we love you like a vynal coated Anchor for Christmas. And it comes in a varity of colors!In case you have been in a cave this past week, you might have heard that it was Black Friday and today is Cyber Monday. So, you are thinking, I dont need a $299.99 Tv set, or Pay station, and have no i… Read more