The Mighty Fine Art Of Artist Darrell Bush

Cobra-1As you know I am a sucker for beautiful art, being a designer by trade, and from a family of fine artists, I can’t help but appreciate great art work. But in the world of classic boats, it can … Read more

When You Buy A Dorsett Boat, You Get A Tiger?

Dorest brochure

Yesterday on ebay, we saw this brochure for sale, the listing is over now, but didn’t have any bids. SHOCK!  Anyway, what stood out was the generous use of a white tiger. Now I have been in … Read more

Fine Art For Your Fine Wall. Finally!

John Austin Taylor artistEvery now and then ya come across a cool work of vintage boat art that you might actually be able to put up in your house not the garage like all the other boat signs and show posters. Today is one of t… Read more