The Price of Vintage Boat Cushions. My Fault?

$600 worth of cushions.

A week or so ago, I posted a story on spending 300 bucks on a boat cushion. In the comment section, Woody Boater got kinda shot at for causing prices to go up for boat cushion… Read more

It’s Sausage Saturday.

Sportsman Cushion

Just picked up this cool cushion on ebay. Looks like WECATChEM?

Today as we prepare for a fun last summer weekend, we have a collection of small bits of stories that make up a bigger story of the bi… Read more

OK, Who In The Hell Is R***B (151)

This vintage boat cushion has it all. Dang!

So this very very cool Vintage Boat Cushion comes up on eBay. I mean very cool. As seen above and here if you want to click on it. Its been up for a short tim… Read more