It’s Woody Boater Classic Boat T-Shirt Time!

Speedboat Outlaws

Speedboat Outlaws

For those of you familiar with Woody Boater T shirts, this is that time of year, were we design and vote on next years fashion statement. For those of you new to this process, We … Read more

Are You Ready? Just 30 Days Til Dora!


Today we announce the new 2013 line of Woody T Shirts to be introduced at the 2013 Sunnyland ACBS show in just 30 Days! These two new designs will be sold at the show and only at the show, a later chan… Read more

What Happened To The XXL’s

The Sons of varnish rule the docks! Brian and Steve Franchini.

First let me start out by saying I am sorry for the inventory problem with our t shirts. It’s a very strange business, the T sh… Read more

Big House Orange Sons Of Varnish T’s.

Get out your boat made of Popsicle sticks! Your going to the big boat house in this one!

Years and years of restoration, countless hours of sanding alone in your barn. Solitary in the bed because … Read more