I Have A Boat House Crush!

Cockrell's Creek, Reedville VA

Every morning when I am at our home in Reedville I wake up and walk out on the dock and just bask in the simple pleasures of nature and a place that understands t… Read more

Hot Diggity Dog, It’s Friday!

Hey Oreo, Hope you are making some new friends during Woofy Boater week! Or is it Woody Barker? Woofy Barker? Anyway... Attached is a picture of me riding in Big Red, a 1940s Kinnen, in Minnesota

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A New Era For The ACBS!

Just a couple clicks and I am one of us again. Kinda.

Yesterday I joyfully signed up for the ACBS after several years of self imposed exile. No snail mail stuff, stuffing checks into an envelope. … Read more

Change Is Good At Woody Boater®

You may notice some small changes here at Woody Boater, Ads moving around, OK, everything moving around. Sometimes if you hit refresh later in the day you can watch it change in real time. It wil… Read more