Cobia Hunting… Not Cobra Hunting.

Saturday I was able to squeeze in a fun fishing trip between meetings in New Jersey. Yes, I drove 7 hrs home to go Cobia fishing with some pals. And 7 hrs back the next day. And even though we only cau… Read more

Call Me Idiot.

So…. you know that quote about you learn something new every day? Well, my lesson yesterday was about torquing. yes, yes, I know. What this topic again? Apparently I have years of tourin… Read more

Bomb Cyclone Memories. You Thought We Forgot!

Now thats its warming up here in Virginia, supposed to be 60 this week, we thought we would look back a day or so when the bomb cyclone of 2018 dropped on us. now many of you may think that -2 isnt that … Read more