The Woody Wedding Sausage, Bratwurst?

The Boatress and Suz enjoying themselves.. ALOT

The milking of the Woody Wedding is coming to an end. And the Sausage part of any milking is a great way to conclude it all. For those of you new read… Read more

The Wedding Night At Global HQ

A super high tide just added to the fun

For the record, the wedding ended around 2:30 AM and so I suppose we all were there on the wedding night. I mean it was night time, and there was a wedding, and w… Read more

Global HQ Is Ready For 2022

Relaxing for once.

It’s been about a year and a half, and yesterday, all the small projects were finished. Is there still more? Yes, but nothing that should stop us now. The good news is th… Read more

The Global HQ Updates.

The sign was installed. Yikes, what could go wrong in this install.

Yesterday we shared some of the bootyness scored at the shows and so on, today we show some updates on the Railway that have bee… Read more