Cool Old Classic Boat Footage On eBay


Make up your own story, This is aunt Glady's she never really liked boats or the water until the summer when she returned from typing school.. And Juan the gardener was working on the boat.. She arrived on a plane, the family got together.. it's all there.. So.. You got some old boat that has no history.. Now you have a history.. Call your boat Glady's.... All the footage to make up your own drama is there.. You can buy the footage here on eBay,

We Did Not Know That Leeroy Jenkins Likes Classic Boats!

 Watch this if you don't know who Leeroy Jenkins is. Note this is a short clip from a group Video game OK, this is now officially gotten out of hand. My pathetic 5 votes for Amanda seem rather insufficient now. Here I was thinking…

Life Is Simpler In Woody Boaterville

McCall's Boater Babe Cover for 1911.. That turtle neck must have been quite the contoversyIf you have been following the now death match voting pissing contest going on at Boating Magazine you will see that over night 20,000 votes were added…

Bring Back The Chris Craft Silver Arrow, And Maybe I Will Vote For Amanda.

What in the heck is going on? Just last week, our Miss Chris Craft, Amanda Lee was practicing her pose for the cover.. She was 3,000 votes ahead of the Donzi gal Michelle... Erin the Sea Ray gal was at least 7,000 votes behind... And today...…

The Bristol Palin Effect Works For Chris Craft

Keep Boating and Keep Voting..  Image from Boating MagazineTwo days ago we featured Amanda the Chris Craft girl in the Boating Magazine 1st Annual Swim Suit Edition. We wanted to show our support to our brothers... and sister.... over at…

Ladies Can Look Cool In A Skipper Cap Too!

This post card image was clearly taken at the start of Marilyn's career.. The question is.. Was it the cap that launched her into stardom? I claim, yes! If you are too chicken to buy a cap, you can buy the post card .. Right here on eBay

Elegante- A Masterpiece of Masterpieces..

You know those guys back in the day, that slicked back their hair and had their pictures taken with other rich guys with their hair slicked back, with babes with perfect hair.. Well, this boat belonged to one of those guys.. Needless to say…

Classic Authentic Skippers Hats.. My Final Order Of The Year!

The Woodyboatress modeling a perfect white Skipper cap. With new old stock patch and gold buttons. If you have been waiting to order a classic boat cap.. Now is the time.  I need to wait until I have an order of 12 to make the deal happen.…

Karma And Classic Boating!

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I am a firm believer in karma. Good and bad. If you put out good karma, it comes back. Of course if you do it to receive it, it will not work. It needs to be in your soul. I am always surprised in how it delivers back, and that's part of the…

Lori Pastic – Are You Out There?

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater and former Chris - Craft big shot Herb Pocklington we now have a name of one of the iconic Chris Craft girls. Lori Pastic pictured here on the right with Herb and Chris Crafts General managers wife Lydia Pickell.…

Boat Babe Shows Us Mt Dora….

It's saturday and I decided to go varnish. Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Neil from Port Carling we have a nice way to start our weekend. Now, this was shot back in 07 so.. she most likely is bitter now from all the attention. Has an agent and…

The Unforgettable Blond – A 1948 Century Sea Maid

Have you ever attended an Antique & Classic Boat Show in your area and while strolling along the docks you see a boat that at first glance stops you in your tracks and immediately inspires you to learn more about the boat's history and architecture?…

More Snow In WoodyBoaterville!

All I can do at this point is close my eyes and Go Woody Boating. 18 inches of snow expected tonight... On top of the 25 from two days ago.....

Now You Can Always Have A Nude Woody Boater Babe On Your Boat!

50 pounds over weight? Haven't trimmed those nose hairs in the past 10 years? Do you talk about boat things at parties like? "Well you see the correct seam width of your deck should be 1/32 NOT 1/8 inch".....Well you are in luck my fellow…

Real Boat Babes… Kinda!

After visiting countless shows this year, there was a theme with some classic boat lovers... There girlfriends were rather stiff.... I suppose that way they never age, nag, or complain that you smell like gas... I imagine that secretly while…

Just 9 More Days til Muscatine – It's a Muscattend!

The 2009 That Was Then This Is Now, Muscatine Boat Show & Racing Exhibitions. Despite the photos above of small boats this is one really big show . It's got everything, race boats, hog roast, street rods,corvettes, British cars fiberclassics,…

The New ACBS Rudder, One Word. WOW!

As many of you know I am out there hammering on the ACBS for lack of online substance. But I must say that when it comes to the Rudder it's offline publication and putting on shows it does an amazing job. This latest issue of the Rudder is fantastic.…

All Is Well In Woodyboaterville This Monday!

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Here's to starting the week off right. We will be leaving next week after closing on our home we just sold. My wife is coming with me, I think its secretly to make sure I come back.....without another boat!

Wet Swedish Beauties. Enough Said.

Chris Craft Girls!

There were about 100 of them. Chris Craft was very careful to find nice wholesome girls to make a boat be more than just a boat. Thank god! Enjoy.

More Woody Boat Babes. Hey It's Cold Out There!

Dang, it's bitter cold out there.... I have these for such an occasion. Thanks to Greg Hildebrandt's eye hand coordination we can all huddle around the computer screen and warm up.. AmericanBeautiesart.comThere's even more on his web site...…

Woody Babe Of The Month

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Is it just me? Thanks to Joel Lemanski and Classic Boat Hardware, we are blessed with the only form of T & A left in the classic boat community. Babes and boats were a mainstay of classic boat advertising. Yet these days we only focus on…

Kid Rock. A Woody Boater?

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Here ya go, T and A and a Woody Boat...I think all is well in the world now!..... according to the boat buzz crowd, it's a Grand Craft. Funny thing about such a video! I would have not in a million years have ever expected to put Kid Rock and…

Rare Photo's Of Golden Pond Boat.

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Thanks to fellow woody boater Ken Miller from the Boat Buzz we able to show some very rare photos of the U22 used in the film "On Golden Pond" These shots were taken by Pat Curtin ( Boat Prop Master For the film and many others) So they are…

Looking For Nice Antique Yacht In Captiva For Photo Shoot!

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Live near Captiva? Well this is your big chance to have your Elco, or old 20's or 30's Chris Craft as a star of fashion. Also you can actually have proof that your boat is a chic magnet!. And make a buck or two.. or three. Email me or Andria…

What Year Was This Photographed?

I just had this shot sent to me. Perfect, and timeless. What year was it shot? The color has held up very well. There are several hints... I'll even make it easier. What decade was it shot in... UPDATE, Answer in comments.

The Ladies Dig My Seams!

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Found this old shot on eBay. Thought it was fun. And to my surprise, there they were. The seams. If you look closely near the aft end of the boat, near the guide post, you can see them. Seams opening up. At a local boat show. Was it new? Should…

So What If You Could Go back In Time?

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Now you can , and have photo proof of it. It's one thing to be out on your 1941 Chris Craft taking a break from all the crap out there. Cruising around with your best gal. But now with the help of photo shop, you can have proof of your time…

Ahhh! Sylvia's Bottom..

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When I started out to restore Sylvia, I knew I wanted to do it in a way that was true to her history. Every detail needed to be correct. One does not own an antique, we are caretakers. That's the deal we make with the gods of old charming things.…

Glen-L Boat Plans, Patterns & Kits

If you are the kind of person that takes the do-it-yourself route. Visit this is a mother load of information for you. They have been around for ever. The model above is from a Glen L catalog in the 50's.. mmm that makes her around…