$115 For An Old Ratty Cereal Box, But It Does Come With A Free Century Coronado. Kinda.

Free Century 2Oh ebay! You can find almost anything on ebay. Even people trying to sell someones trash. Or is it? We have no idea. But to be fair, one mans old cereal box is someones Century. And looking up Cereal box’s, it is a thing.. Different strokes. In this case its both. Now to be clear, I suspect…strongly, that the Century is no longer there, and if it was, it would be a couple inches long and in plastic. But at least you will have the box..ish,

Free Century

OK you will have the paper that the box is made of… OK, you will have some of the paper the box was made of. Wow.

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    From back in the day when they bragged about SUGAR content in your kid’s cereal box. Cool Century model.

  2. Walt
    Walt says:

    The key word is “scale”. I remember something about an inch and a half long and the dog ate it!

  3. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    I’d remake the box and it’d go up on the shelf in the Galley of my Connie. But that’s a little steep for a piece of ephemera to just decorate with. Now if I had one of those very rare Century Cruisers…….come to think of it I did see a ’49 27′ on eBay a few years ago- Wonder what happened to it?

  4. Nautilus
    Nautilus says:

    Matt: I can only imagine how difficult it is to come up with something interesting every single day. However, I submit that a collection of vintage dipsticks is more interesting than a cereal box. Every woody boater has tales of “wins” and “fails.” Maybe it’s time to ask for submissions of stories and photos from the readers. My guess is that you would be flooded with interesting material in no time.

    • Rob
      Rob says:

      How is this for a ‘fail’, as in dock collapse. I was under the boat on a raft inspecting the bottom…. 12 hours before a 50 year old boathouse dock let go…..

      • Brian Flaherty
        Brian Flaherty says:

        Rob, I think the complete story (lead up disaster, discovery, recovery) would be an excellent read!! Similar to yesterday’s cliff-hanger story about the little clinker built runabout. Although, nobody likes to hear about total loses, that just gets you in a funk for the whole day.

        • Wayne Spaulding
          Wayne Spaulding says:

          Matt, Thanks for the tip. Fifteen years ago I bought a 1955 Coronado, eight years ago I bought the Coronado and Arabian toys and today I got part of the cereal box. Thanks again

          • tommyholm
            tommyholm says:

            You The Man Wayne! This Post Cereal is one of the various iterations of the program. At first it was a mail in program and all the boats were brown (mahogany). Later colorful Arabian and Coronado models were simply put in the box. One club member is attempting to collect all the color combinations – 100+. Coincidentally, the Century Boat Club presented one of the Arabian boats yesterday (4/23) to Carla of Hagerty at the 2016 Spring Membership Gathering. Ride a Thoroughbred.

  5. Brian Flaherty
    Brian Flaherty says:

    How about a nearly month old report on a garage tour symposium? I have videos! Including several vintage motors running…

  6. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Having written a couple of stories for WB I can tell you that one of the biggest challenges is that most of us are pretty basic computer guys. If you submit a story that is not formatted in the way that Matt needs it the process for him to format and publish it takes him more time than it does to grab something off e-bay and just post it. Some of the satellite reporters like Coboug Kid and Kentucky Wonder seem to be very computer savvy and know how to format so it is fairly simple for Matt to publish.
    Maybe there could be something in the About section with instructions on formatting a submission.

  7. Kent B
    Kent B says:

    Great Idea Troy! Some of us wouldn’t mind submitting material. But hate to waste our time (or Matts) by submitting a bad format. I would gladly write a few things for a “credit” that goes toward, say a Woodyboater Varnish mug at the next show I attend…

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