1948 Custom, 10 Bucks.

Looking for that perfect post war custom? Blonde decks, beautiful lines, varnished mahogany? Sorry, not here. Or if you want to restore one… not here either, but if you want to have the plans for a model of one. Now, that you can find here, thanks to eBay. Actually this could be a fun winter project. And certainly cheaper to do than the real thing. You could blow it up and copy the plans just in real size..mmm…I suppose you could sit on the top of the motor while driving it…Just watch out for the glow plug. If you already own a Custom or Riva this could be a fun thing to frame and pretend that you will build one. Either way it’s cool.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I just recently purchased a 1947 Popular Mechanix mag from E-Bay that has this model for construction. We also have a real 1946 Custom 20 in the shop now for total restoration.


  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    Dear Dan. I purchased this very boat plans on ebay and now I need the instructions to build it. If possible can you share your instruction in go with others that have the same problem. Thanks in advance.

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