2 Fur Sale! While Supplies Last. Woody Boater Stuff Store Closing Soon For Florida!



If you have been saving your Newspaper route money for a T shirt or hat and not going to Lake Dora, now is the time to buy. Like Right now. Store will be closing in about two weeks. Why, well as you know we clear out the old and bring in the new at Lake Dora. Until we close, BUY 2 FOR 40, and save 10 bucks.  If you wait until Florida you can save on shipping. But we may not have the sizes you want.


For those of you new to Lake Dora, T shirts and stuff go on sale as we unpack them from the truck, usually on Thursday.  I would rather be boating and blabbing, so stuff moves fast. No matter how much we bring, it goes. This year we have a VERY cool re-design, and new coffee cup design. Right now we have only 20 Coffee varnish Cups left, and then that’s it. Poof, just a memory. We also will NOT be redoing any Sons of Varnish stuff this year. So this is it.


Only 20 left! Act now! Sorry no discount. Our most popular item.  No new ones will be in Florida.

So act now while supplies last! The store will be closing about two weeks before lake Dora. Since ALL that’s left is going there. Then re open about 2 weeks after the show will all new stuff. YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO THE STUFF STORE.

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I will be checking out the supply in Dora!

    Unless I am mistaken todays wonderful header features two classic Jim Winn designs. (Formula and Donzi)

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Please bring a truck load of umbrellas, sweatshirts, jackets and long sleeve T’s to Dora. That should guarantee that the weather is hot and sunny all week.

    Plus, if it does end up raining anyway, I would rather buy an umbrella from you than try to get one of the show attendees to sell the one they are using.

  3. Rob
    Rob says:

    The header picture illustrates why it is “all fenders/bumpers out” when we boat with our American cousins. Please, please, please…. less waving, more steering!

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