20 Vintage Classic Yacht Boaters Hats Ordered!


We have 20 orders and the order has been done. If you are just climbing out from under your boat and today is the first day back on Woody Boater, we may be able to squeeze you in. The process for building these takes time and money. Oh! Were have you heard that before. But you are used to waiting and paying in this hobby. The great news is that if you are one of the lucky 20. You have saved about 120 bucks by doing this now. If you want to read all about the hats. There is a banner on the right of the page that will lead you to the story. If you have been reading loyally I am sorry to keep going on this but the orders keep coming in..We are the only ones in the country doing this. I have also secured a white one and khaki, to have at the Mt. Dora show as samples. Chris Craft hats are also being looked into. The baseball caps with new old stock patches are also ordered, and will be available in about a month. Woohooo. No sunburn heads this summer!

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    The WoodyBoaterHatter Club, 20 strong and growing! That's my guess. It could be the Hatted WoodyBoater Club or the WoodyHatterBoater Club or Society or maybe The Captain's Hat Socient of America for Woody Boaters. What ever it is, I'm in. WooooHoooo!

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