2014 Chris – Craft Calendar With A Special Trick.

Chris Craft 2014 Calendar

Chris Craft 2014 Calendar

So if you are on ebay or on the boat buzz. You have no doubt seen the all new Chris – Craft Calendar with photos from Fellow Woody Boater Don Ayers. If not, here it is. 14.99 just click here.

BUT WAIT! Not so fast.. There is a special trick that helps the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club. When you buy the calendar there is a code on the back. It’s a promo code. MAKE SURE TO ENTER Promo Code CC2014 That code sends a portion of the sale to the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club as a fund raiser. So order now and help your fellow Chris – Craftians! And MAKE SURE YOU NOTE THE CODE!

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  1. matt
    matt says:

    SONofA … Dang it, crude, crap..mmmUMF! Thanks.. BTW, I tried to figure out where the promo code is put in, if you figure it out, let us know.

  2. John Stolte
    John Stolte says:

    I too tried to buy one and could not enter the code anywhere.

    And, I don’t mind paying the $14.99 for the calendar, but almost $10.00 to send one skinny little calendar via ground is I think a bit much…

    I’ll try again sometime…

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