$400 T-Shirts? I Had Nothing To With It!

Amazing Vintage Boat T Shirt

The other day we talked about boat cushions and how the prices have grown. This is because of a lack of art in our passion. T shirts on the other hand have been a big collector trend for decades. And today the two worlds have collided.  Yup a $399 T shirt. Now hold on.. Don’t start pulling out your old shirts. BTW, I have.. And they fill two large bins. Saving for a story. Anyway. This specific shirt has one major asset. FANTASTIC ART!

This is cushion art quality art work. Hand done graphics

The art is amazing, and on a vintage canvas. This would look amazing framed in your boat room. Its art, not a shirt anymore. And if you think $400 is a lot for a T shirt. Thats kinda normal. Welcome to the age of art vs boat.


Not sure about the brand of T, Neither is the seller. I struggle with the 1950’s call, the logo feels very early 70’s.. But there are clues in the stitching.. yes, and weave of the material.

If you want t o know more about the T shirt universe there are countless sites on the web. And if you think talking about Reed and Prince screws is deep. You may want to put on a scuba outfit. Holy crap.. Yes even that shirt you used as a rag can be a gold mine. Sweat stains and all.

That stitch is a clue. but its such a deep dive, I gotta move on. The art is the value for me. But? I miss Zipper tag conversations.

If you want to see this shirt on Ebay, HERE IT IS. 

The WoodyBoater of T shirtdum DEFUNKD Link HERE

LOWTIMERS is a specialist in Vintage T’s and clothing. A sister co of Woody Boater. Well more like a Son Co. CLICK HERE. 

The original WB Yellow T. Only 25 made. I suppose they would be collectable, if any survived my sloppy painting and varnishing

And of course you can get a future collectable shirt HERE at our Stuff Store. 

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  1. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Aside from trying to figure out who would pay $399 for a T shirt, I’m puzzled as to what that 55 gallon barrel on a stick in the picture is supposed to be. Seems a bit overkill for a race course turn marker or a channel marker.

  2. Ralph Cattaneo
    Ralph Cattaneo says:

    The “55 gallon barrel on a stick” is an entrance / exit turn marker on a race course made of plastic, not metal and if one was taken out by a racer they had to pay for replacement.

  3. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Thank you Ralph, and now I know. Back in my sports car gymkhana days, if I took out a road cone pylon at least I didn’t have to pay for it with money, only points taken off.

    My brain cells (what remain intact and firing) can now work on other mysteries of life.

  4. Mike Green
    Mike Green says:

    I think the only way the old Woody Boater shirt would be worth more is if my uncle (pictured) wore it. Sweet stains from him working on a boat would probably fetch even more.

  5. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    I have stacks of old concert tees from the 80’s. I wonder if they would be worth anything? By the way, that’s a VERY impressive boat cushion collection!

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