A Found Bill Of Sale May Be a Fun Connection.

Zwarg letterFellow Woody Boater Lawrence Helfand reached out to us all to see if we can make a connection from a found Bill of Sale? Take it away Lawrence.
Hello Matt, I am hoping you can help me track down a family that has been prominent in your Blog. Mr Steve K Zwarg and his wife Linda. I see that their award winning boat “killer” has been featured at various events. Quite a lot of coverage regarding them like winning at the ACBS  show in Coeur d’Alene
Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.17.54 PM

Steve, Linda, was it your family car? BTW, Love the boat!

in 2013 I recently bought a 1941 Buick and in the trunk I found an ancient for sale sign once posted in the widow and the seller a Steve K Zwarg of Spokane. I am thinking this might be the father or grandfather of Mr. Zwarg as I do know he bought the car in the 1960’s. It is an unusual last name so it might be the same family. Hoping to learn any history and maybe a family photo of the car which would be a treat to have. Thank you for any help you can provide.
I love stories and history and there is another interesting tidbit to this one. I also found in the car a registration belonging to the former owner of that car. Mr Zwarg purchased it from a Mrs Mildred Raymond of Ashford ( Gateway to Mt Rainier ) WA who you will find more about here
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Photo – CitiesTownsAndOtherPlaces.com

She is the little blonde girl in the first photo of the Ashford family around the turn of the century. She apparently sold the car to Steve Sr. before she died in 1967 and her mansion became a museum. She was married several times and likely this was her last husbands car? It is an unusual car for a woman to drive in that it was the fastest American car you could buy in 1941, recognized by many as the grandfather of the muscle car. Also quite rare maybe 25 worldwide and had been in storage for 45 years in Eau Claire ID of the family Mr Zwarg sold it to who put it away and never drove it. Mileage is very low Hope you can contact the Zwarg family for more!
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  1. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Darn, it is 8:27 and I am the first one on this morning? Either everyone got hit with this storm, and lost power, or are out shoveling.
    Me, I am up this early, rare for this old retired captain, to take the wife’s car into the Ford dealership to get new tires and brakes, and got stuck in the driveway!!!
    Back to bed, now…

  2. Crazy Canuck
    Crazy Canuck says:

    Great header photo of the legendary Ditchburn Viking series member Mowitza II – I believe one of 5 and they have the step hull for added speed. great boat, great picture and made a wet and snowy day a little brighter in Muskoka.

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Cool Story! Look forward to finding out if it is in fact the same family.

    Dennis: About 4″ here so far. Mixing in with some sleet. Hunkered Down.

  4. Wes
    Wes says:

    Please pass my e-mail address onto Lawrence and I will get him in contact with Steve. Steve and Linda are friends of ours. He will be glad to talk cars with Lawrence.

    • lawrence
      lawrence says:

      Hello Wes, Just got this from Matt and thrilled to have found a friend of the Zwarg family. Hoping this was their wonderful and rare Buick and can share any stories or family photos with the car! I have not been successful in contacting them through the phone numbers I have. Kind Regards and Happy New Year, Lawrence

      • Wes
        Wes says:

        We had dinner with Steve and Linda last night and found out that Steve and Lawrence were able to hook up and discuss the old Buick. Linda said “Yes Steve “the Buick Man of Spokane” talked with Larry” “They talked for over an hour.”
        Steve confirmed Larry’s story and did in fact purchase the Buick from the Raymond estate in the late 60s. He drove it for several years. In fact when he was in the process of moving some cars to an out of town storage facility he was towing a trailer with a modern car hauling this 41 Buick on the trailer behind. The modern car crapped out so Steve unloaded the 41, hooked it up to the trailer, loaded the modern car and continued on his way.
        Steve told me that Lawrence plans on restoring this car as a preserved car as it is almost all original. Steve thought that of all the cars he had owned this one was one of the most original.

        This is cool watching this kind of connection being made. Thanks Matt.


  5. Steve L
    Steve L says:

    Can’t wait to hear if its the same family name. Cool looking Buick that would look great pulling Steve and Linda’s barrel!

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