A Look Back – Thanks For Putting Up With My Boats


Jimmy’s Angles! HEY, I AM RIGHT HERE!

I know this past week has been a bit of over load of Stinky, WECATCHEM and Sweet Pea. I had the week off, and apparently so did many of you. So you spent your time doing what you should have done. OUT BOATING! It was the perfect week. A holiday smack Dab in the middle and warm sunny not windy days… HERE, not sure about your area, but it certainly was perfect here in Virginia.

We had to run from a storm, but in Jimmys Beast, it was a non issue

The beauty of Mother Nature

The Boatress was out and about, taking photos and getting her little SEA PRO working.

We got just a few photos from folks, and none of them were a complete story, since in many cases it was one image. So instead of ebay stories, I was fortunate enough to be able to break just about every old machine I own. So send in your week of breakdowns, or family fun to share!

looking back… Ahhhh

It’s back to work, meetings, meetings and more meetings. So when I am secretly reading your emails and photos under the conference room table everyone will think I am smiling at there comments about meeting a deadline, or yada yada.. When in fact your comments about breaking down, or bung popping, or swimming in aqua summer waters will be the fuel that helps me through the week until I am bitter and business like again.

Coop out on SUPERCOOP – Chad Durren Photo

An all Merican Day – Photo Chad Durren

LILY in her yearly update photo. WOW, it’s amazing and heart warming to have been able to share 11 years of Lily! Photo Chad Durren

SUPER COOP Chads graphics are flawless and perfect

Remember just about 3 months until last gasping begins. WOW! Thats just 12 weeks! GET OUT THERE!

Dane Anderson sent us some Loon Photos. I know, not a boat.. BUT WOW!

Loons need more young Loons BTW

Dane also sent us this wonderful Century headed out.

Cleaned up and tucked away for another weekend.

I swear there is some sibling rivalry going on here. WECATCHEM is out of the boat house for one second, and.. Well.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Did you order a fuel injected big block V8 yet? You know she is tired of the old “Trusty W” that is anything but and who wouldn’t like a little more power? If you miss the flat head experience, you could always ask yourself, “what would Alex Watson do?” and then get yourself another 25 sportsman. Maybe with a pair of K’s.

  2. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    I had to return a rubber duck that had left its owner fishing on a sandbar, in the high tide. He thought about swimming after it, but knew it couldn’t catch it. Halcyon has been a rescue vessel since 1934!

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I sort of envy the breakdowns…..had them back in my CC cruiser days….no more….My Fairchild Scout 30 has had a systems upgrade and nothing seems to break. I like working on them almost as much as actually Going Boating…oh well.
    Cruised to Urbanna Va for huge fireworks, best slip in the marina, grand facilities, friends and boats. What Me Worry!
    (did you old farts see the MAD is ceasing to print publish, talk about a classic leaving the stage..Matt is funny…but Alfred E he ain’t.).
    John in Va.

  4. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    A friend asked me recently if I knew why divorces were so expensive ? The answer is they are worth it. I apply that to why the Mercruiser is expensive. The only time you would need to open the engine box is to change oil for the most part. Its sure not a disgrace to me to not want to be pulled in again with engine problems with the sun beaming down and not a smile around. The old engines have a place as in show only boats for me but never again in a user boat. Many of feel your pain as we have been there.

    • Dennis Mykols
      Dennis Mykols says:

      I hear you, brother!!! My last three classics all had a modern powerplant.
      A 1995 Ford 460 in the Hacker,
      A Mercruiser 454 with fuel injection in the Lyman,
      And now a 1995 Mercruiser 454 carb, in the Coronado.
      Look under the hatch each time I go out, just to sniff and admire!
      Then turn the key and go…

  5. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    I don’t know Matt, is a coincidence that Jimmy’s shirt says superior performance?

  6. Chad
    Chad says:

    The K is one of the most reliable motors CC offered. With very little maintenance, they will run forever. 11 years of LILY also marks 11 years of ZERO trips to the mechanic.

  7. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Finding modern power under the engine box of Wecatchem would be like going on your honeymoon with Jayne Mansfield and finding out they were silicone.

  8. thomas d
    thomas d says:

    i like the flat heads (3 left) and will run them till they quit but they will be replaced with “modern power” once they do. my ’47 k went south and the cost of rebuild was just not worth it, replaced it with a used C-C 283 at a cost of only $200 and runs like the proverbial sewing machine.

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