A Quick Autumn Ride With Bob Rice


Bob Kays is killing it this fall! I might actually buy a candler this year.

The magic of colorful fall leaves mixed with the sparkle of varnished mahogany and the sound of a wonderful Chris Craft flat head engine are timeless reminders that life is good.


It all matches!

These are the elements of nature, mans ingenuity, history all blended together in a tapestry of iconic splendor. Even though this little short trip amongst the color of the end of summer, its timeless and seems to last for all time. After all these photos could have been taken over 50 years ago, and nothing has changed.



Fall, framed in Mahogany

Add to that , that Lieutenant Bob Rice’s amazing U22 has only been off the lake ONCE in her entire life.


To know Bob, and everyone does, is to love Bob.. and everyone does! Right back atcha Bob

Both Bob Rice and his amazing boat are also timeless fixtures on the lake and all this was captured by Bob”have I got a calendar for you” Kays.

And so the quick ride of Autumn is over, but is it really ever over? Thanks to Fellow Woody Boaters it hopefully will never stop. Thanks to Hagerty Marine Insurance for making this an annual tradition, to The YNOT Guys and to the two Bobs for saving the week. And a huge shout out to Katzs Marina for putting boats in the water while all are pulling them out!


Goodbye sweet summer, goodbye!

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  1. Ron in Seattle
    Ron in Seattle says:

    Our Mahogany and Merlot Boat Show with the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum event the first weekend of October is the only opportunity we have for a boat show here in The Pacific Northwest. Most of our boats live on trailers your round, ready to be launched at any time. But it simply gets too cold to be enjoyable. So it qualifies for our Last Gasp. So I thought I would share this picture!

  2. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    This has been a long non boating season for me. Due to several temporary attachments the medics in my life made, I have been unable to take a chance on the wrong bounce while riding in a boat. Any boat. I cancelled my trip to Hessel for that reason. I really wanted to grab a scenic ride around the islands up there. I have made several events – but – have had to turn down many invitations for a ride in the boat parade or around the lake. Fortunately, my appendages have now been removed and I am in the healing mode. But here’s the deal – almost any day I can open up Woody Boater and find myself gazing at beautiful scenery while puttering or pulsating in a beautiful mahogany wonder. This has been a wonderful venue to have at hand and to live vicariously (phew!) thru my computer screen. Long live guys like Bob Kay and his wonderful eye. I might buy a candler too……if I knew what it was…………………….

  3. Red Dog
    Red Dog says:

    Why do people make short vids. We need them to be at least 2 or 3 minutes. But even the short ones are better than nothing

  4. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Here are a couple more “Last Gasp” shots from Lake Chelan as we were on the way back to M&M from Stehekin…

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