A Seven Foot Barrel Back With Twin Engines?


029Fellow Woody boater Scott Houdashell sent us all in his first classic boat build. All drawn out on paper and built in 80 days.  She’s 7’3″ from bow to stern and powered by 2 (inboard) trolling motors. Wow, love the steering wheel and fun detail. Why do i get a feeling we will see a larger one built soon.

The final product. WOW!


Comes with a factory cradle

013 -2

Love the walnut covering boards


And of course her maiden Voyage! TADA!

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    • Scott Houdashell
      Scott Houdashell says:

      Hello Brian, Thanks for the compliment. I kinda flew by the seat of my pants on this one. Can’t really say I have plans written down per say. Although, I am going to use Lady Lullaby as a template for the next one. I am hoping to use a CAD software for a more precise build . I don’t mind sharing once I get it on paper. Thanks again!

  1. 7FTCWBY
    7FTCWBY says:

    Way too cool. I would love one of these as it will be my clown boat as I stand just as tall as she floats.

  2. RDaley
    RDaley says:

    Very cool boat
    This is what my a 1958 Fellows and Stewart 6.5 foot junior racer looks like
    These were built in Wilmington California by fellows and Stewart they were called a Little Fellow
    Powered by a 7.5 HP Scott-Atwater 2 cyl outboard that sits under the hatch which is bolted in so steering is by rudder boat has forward and reverse.
    Hoping to bring it to the international show at Gull Lake if aim given permission.

  3. Scott Houdashell
    Scott Houdashell says:

    That’s pretty cool! You don’t see many of those any more. Just
    curious… How many Looney’s do you think she’d go for? I would love to restore one, if I could find one.

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