A Standing Ovation To The Antique Boat Museum.

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Kent captured the emotion in Clayton

When I started in this small world of Antique boating, I felt like an outsider. It’s on me BTW, not anyone or any group. I always feel that way. Like the Groucho Marx Quote. “I don’t want belong to a club that would have me as a member.”

Lets go!

I have always felt like an outsider, and sadly the ACBS and other places, like The Antique Boat Museum, have had a culture of stay away unless you are a member. I think that is generational BTW. If you are not going to support us, we won’t support you. As I said, this is on me. but I know I am not alone in these emotions.

I should send air freshener to them

So it’s on the club, or institution to work hard at inclusion. To reach out, step up, and invite, and welcome. Especially to the next generation of humanity. Who has anything they want on their phones. Or at least thinks it is.

okay, some phone usage is helpful

And here is where I stand and applaud “The Antique Boat Museum” They saw this, the board saw this, and made changes, and one of the best changes they made was an emotional change and focused on fun. After all if you are a museum of recreation on the water, fun is one of the cornerstones of your mission. And the team there is fun, full of positive energy, and inviting. I feel welcome, and part of the culture because of them. And it feels great.

Thats one monster boat

This year has been a true test of resilience and creative out of the box solutions. And “The” Antique Boat Museum as delivered big time. With virtual tours, inviting us all to be in the museum and part of the experience, out reach, and just fun!


And they are being true to their mission. Our mission, to keep fun alive and part of our lives. A break from the routine of life. If you are still reading this. And yes its Saturday. It is Saturday? Right?

I am delighted!

The Show will go on in Clayton, but reimagined. And I love it. A parade. A celebration that allows social distancing, and be open with free admission to the Museum on Aug 1-2 . Here is the official wording, all spelled right and not butchered with my poor comprehension issues. worth a read. WE SHOULD ALL BE PART OF THIS IN SOME WAY.

Due to COVID-19, the 56th Annual Boat Show & Auction will not look the same as past shows.  The following are the highlights of the reimagined Show:

  • Parade around the Islands at 8am and 5pm on Saturday, August 1st.  Any antique and classic boats in the region, and those able to come from outside the North Country are invited to join us.  Route and viewing spots/times to be announced.
    • US waters and boaters only at this time.  If possible at the time the event is held, it will open to Canadian boats and waters.
    • We invite you to make the outing a day in Clayton by visiting our local restaurants and shops between cruises.
    • A limited number of slips will be available for participating boats to dock at ABM on August 1st
  • Virtual Boat Show Program! No registration fee.  Submit your boatmotor, or Marketplace business.
    • Vote for a selection of People’s Choice and Marque awards.  More information to be announced.
  •  Virtual Auction! More information to be announced.
  • FREE Museum Admission August 1st-2nd!
  • Share your story or stories about boating, your or another boat, boatbuilder, boat restorer, etc!  Stories will be included in the Virtual Boat Show Program or future printed materials.
  • Parade? Race?

To read the full press release, click here.


Please note: The Antique Boat Museum reserves the right to use editorial discretion in the materials used for the Virtual Boat Show. Not all of the materials submitted may be used. Any video footage submitted will be edited for best display in the Virtual Boat Show Program.

Questions? Contact Caitlin Playle at caitlinplayle@abm.org or 315.686.4104 ext. 236.

For questions about Marketplace, please contact Sandy Squire at sandysquire@abm.org or 315.686.4104 ext. 250.



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  1. Bob Kays
    Bob Kays says:

    The ABM is the best!! and the hope for the future of our passion for “old boats”.
    I can imagine a kid being reluctantly dragged into the museum on a summer day by his parents. After walking around all the great exhibits and a ride in the museum boat, that boy or girl is hooked!

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Like the Groucho Marx Quote. “I don’t want belong to a club that would have me as a member.”

    I know coming from Groucho it was all meant in jest and can be funny, but I find it to reflect a very low self worth.

    It is very VERY impressive how the museum has innovated this year! WELL DONE!!!!!

  3. Mark ion Oh.io (sometimes da U P )
    Mark ion Oh.io (sometimes da U P ) says:

    Nice header today! I hope that was shot with telephoto lense. That is a little closer than I like to get to those Big Boys.

  4. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    We had the opportunity to work with the Museum to include a two page spread about the Virtual Museum in the next issue of the Great Lakes Scullettbutt Summer issue, which will be on the shelves starting the Fourth of July weekend. See page 68.

  5. Reddog
    Reddog says:

    Will there be any virtual boatrides.? Now at first when I wrote that it was a joke. But think about it, A 15 – 20 min.video. Would be really neat for all the people that do not own (or miss having) a classic boat. With the waves, straight 6 engine sounds. and a large group of wooden boats all around them.

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