A Very Special Woody Flag Pole For The Global HQ

Standing proud

Meet the newest addition to The Woody Boater Global HQ. A flagpole. But not just any old flagpole. Well actually it is all an old flagpole. As in made from old parts. About 95% of the pole was all repurposed from parts and stuff found at the railway. Which adds to the specialness of it all. I mean after all, flags are emotional things, and if the pole is also deeply emotional, it all works. Hope you enjoy it all. I sure did making it with Wayne and Mr B

The pole is from an old mast and boom found in the wood scraps. It is hollow in the center and made from cut strips. It had gone grey..like Mr B, but there was hope

The spreader was made out of oak, this is after one coat of varnish, oh and CPES, the other pole is there being varnished as well

Small spacers were fabricated…poorly, but do the job

Assembled and reassembled, and reassembled again. The metal straps were also made from scrap metal

You can see in the background templates made from Juniper for size

Chris Craft Beehive stern pole light at the top. This will have a small Solar Light in it. Also note the other hardware. All found in bins of stuff. And yes that is Paul Harrisons old chair from Lake Dora

I always seem to have a camera in my hand wile others do the work.

Wayne figuring out the cleats while the sun gods shine..bake us

Ta da! I have to say, in person its insane. Kinda shocking. The varnish and it all just works. Hard to capture in a photo

Two 4×6 buried 2 ft in two bags of concrete. The cleats are all boat cleats

And yes I am looking for some bronze screws.

She is rather stately. BTW the design of the flagpole may look familiar. Its patterned after the one in Algonac at Algonac Casting.

Algonac Michigan

Fits like a glove

And yes the power pole is learning. But all part of the places history.



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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Matt, you have done some pretty cool things at the railway but this one beats them all. I love all the details and the way it enhances the look of the place. Also nice that it brings a little bit of Algonac to the property. Bravo!
    What is the second flag on the spreader?
    How long are those bronze screws?

  2. ART
    ART says:

    You guys are INSANE…….in a good way.

    It is the BOM!!!!

    And yes I have some screws………………loose also.

  3. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Way to go Matt!!!! Looks great!!!
    Mine is “store bought” but long may Old Glory wave!!!!
    Now I need to add that bow sprit so I can fit another flag or two in………

  4. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    Ive been waiting for you to get a proper flagpole for HQ. It really does look great and adds to the nautical vibe! Now you just have to watch for the ACBS folks to run their flag up your pole like you did to them!.
    UGH… That sounds like something you would rite. 🙂
    D you have a set of signal flags.?

  5. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    maybe readers could send in their burgee or flag from boats and each day you could run up a different one and then hang them in the shed? Looks really fine.

    John in Va.

  6. Floydrturbo
    Floydrturbo says:

    Looks great, very stately . I’m surprised with your OCD you haven’t replaced that power pole or buried that line below ground which would be more desirable.

  7. Richard Daley
    Richard Daley says:

    As a man with 3 30 foot aluminum flag poles on my cottage property ( salvaged from a Mac Donald’s restaurant during a renovation ) I applaud your efforts. We fly Canadian Albterta and then the rotating flag depending on who visiting or what’s going on in the world. Currently flying the Ukrainian flag in support of there struggles

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