A Wonderful Older Riva Video To Remember Carlo Riva By.


riva historyThe loss of Carlo two days ago will be felt for generations to come. His impact on the boating culture is stead fast and inspiring for all of the boating community. i know that in our small corner of that community we celebrate the history. But Riva is still at it, producing the worlds finest and most beautiful boats. A testimate to Carlo, and the rest of the Riva family! We thought today we would share this wonderful video that was produced for Carlos 90th Birthday. It’s 13 Minutes and tells the story of how, and why Riva is considered by many as the boat of boats! Enjoy!

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  1. Darthtrader
    Darthtrader says:

    Carlo Riva will remain the quintessential wooden boat manufacturer. He, like Enzo Ferrari, managed to blend style with function in a final product that no only performed but instantly became an iconic design.

    By reaching and remaining at the top of the game, Riva managed to set the standard, and as wooden boats were phased out, they will remain as the pinnacle of perfection, both in design and function.

  2. Garry
    Garry says:

    Fascinating!!! Utterly cool.

    How did they turn the boat around in the water in the same spot?
    The sailing experience shows in how the Riva is lifted. Why didn’t American speed boat designers use single point lifting? Single means total load whereas two means half the load.

    • Marty Feletto
      Marty Feletto says:

      Matt – thanks for running this video today – he was truly a great man. Very approachable, and with a wonderful family also!!

      To answer the above question – the twin engine Riva models, Tritone and Aquarama, will turn in their own length by reversing one of the engines. In terms of lifting, single engine Rivas use a 3 point harness and twin engine models use a 4 point harness. The harness is attached to the stringers aft and pad eyes forward.


    Great video for all to enjoy, Carlo was a special man indeed. The TRITONE in the video around 2 min and 50 is no. tr 89. It was the show boat for the Miami boat show in 1959. I can tell because it was the only boat built with the new dash and gauges, but still has the old style steering wheel, as the new one was not ready in time for that show. Also, the first boat to have zebra interior, a bold step for Carlo, but for him, bold steps were common. I am proud to own tr 89 today. clayt

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