A Woody Wedding! I Think I am Going To Cry.

The lovely couple

The lovely couple

Thanks to long time fellow Woody Boater Kevin McQuown for sending in this very cool photo series of his vintage wedding on Lake placid. Kevin and Taryn, are very into living with everything vintage cars, boats, all their furnishing (literally everything in our house is antique except for our appliances.), and clothing. They usually dress vintage as we’ll for boat and car shows. So the vintage wedding just fit, enjoy. Photo credit goes to Greer-Cicarelli Photography. WOW.






Some private time.. Except for the driver guy..

Some private time.. Except for the driver guy..In th orange shirt, and blue hat.. We can fix that Kevin..


And Poof, we are back in time again

And Poof, we are back in time again




Beautiful vintage jewelry

Beautiful vintage jewelry


vintage black and white

vintage black and white


The cake shot. Not the woodys on the wall behind them

The cake shot. Not the woodys on the wall behind them




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  1. Troy
    Troy says:

    Is that even a “Birch” Wedding Cake.

    What a GREAT story. THANKS!

    PS: What the heck is that boat? VERY COOL! I want a ride!

      • Greg Lewandowski
        Greg Lewandowski says:

        The instruments are also Hacker, but I think someone has redone that front cockpit seating arrangement. I have never seen anything but a reproduction with that seating.

  2. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    That’s the Lake Placid Lodge. It is one of the most stunning hotels I’ve ever stepped foot in (only for lunch and and an afternoon, unfortunately.) The historic original lodge burned down several years ago and they shared no expense to rebuild a posh traditional adirondack lodge. They have a new Hacker for tours for the guests. And they even have a Baby Bootlegger room. It is woody boater heaven.

  3. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    Dang what a great story. My wife and I went over while attending Clayton last year but did not know about that lodge sorry we missed having lunch there ourselves. The area is bueatiful beyond description.

  4. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    It is a hacker. It’s the largest one they have built. Former owners of the lodge went to hacker and asked them what the biggest boat they built was then asked for one 5′ bigger. We used thei boat for photos as our little 16′ garwood would’ve been impossible to fit photographers etc in. We didnt get to enjoy our boat on the honeymoon as it was 70 degrees on our wedding day. The next day it down poured all day and the day after that it was snowing.

  5. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Oh and to anyone wanting to go to lake placid lodge I would recommend it highly. Food is amazing and customer service is second to none. it is very pricey $800-1300 a night. but worth every penny. Lake placid is woody boater heaven every boat house has at least 2-3 woody boats in them one guy has 12 or so in his boat house. There’s over 300 wood boats on that lake alone when we asked the boat captain. He took us around to see and meet some of the people that own them.

  6. Woody Diva
    Woody Diva says:

    The human face of true and current day “Wooden Boat” culture.
    The watch fob and her jewelry…the tint on the photos…the cake, so beautiful and special.

    Love when the appreciation for magnificent boats-evokes a total life style.
    Fantastic story!

  7. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    A wedding to remember, congratulations. We’re living the vintage lifestyle as well, unfortunately, its 1970-80’s vintage home, furniture, clothing. By the smell of the milk, its a little vintage as well.

  8. Dreed
    Dreed says:

    My wife and I ate lunch at the Adk. Lodge the day of the wedding. We watched them set up for the services. Ate lunch, watched a Riva go by, and spent $80.00 on lunch for two people. I should have stayed and crashed the wedding!

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