Algonac Marine Cast – Every Part Of You Wants To Read This!

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Algonac marine cast products

A face only a rudder could love!

The absolute high lite of the Algonac trip was a short…to short visit to Algonac Marine Cast, formerly known as Algonac Cast Products. What ever their new name is, this is the mother load of original parts for your classic boat. Really! They’re not only still in business, but under new ownership and doing well and an open and friendly ownership, and for the first time ever, open to you to order from them. In other words, you don’t need to be Chris Craft to order from them. The folks there could not be nicer, wait did I say that already.. So? It can’t be said enough. OK one more time, this time in pictures.

algonac foundry 190

We have no idea what he is making, but its cool.

algonac foundry 131

That’s one heck of a strut

algonac foundry 175

Working on a special strut.

algonac marine cast

Cleaning out something

algonac foundry 155

Pulling out parts molded in sand.

algonac foundry 130

We could have taken this picture 50 years ago and not changed a thing. And yet, I bet there still is no better way to do things. The perfection of time tested methods of quality.

The place is a working time capsule of the way things in America were, are, and should be done! It just made my varnished heart sing to know that such places are still around.

Algonac Foundry cyclone

Even the rusty fence is cool.

algonac foundry 100

Keith parks here.

algonac foundry 101

Even the work truck is bad ass! F350 manual the truck of the gods!

algonac foundry 102

Look at that lettering. All hand made and original to them. Right on the front of the building

algonac marine cast products

This flag pole is very cool. I am so going to try and replicate this. They were a bit upset that they could not find the original flag.. but they promise one will soon be flying.

algonac cast products

The architectural detail screams American industry at its best!

algonac Foundry 110

Even the building is cool. This could have been photographed 50 years ago as well. I vote this place the best preserved business in Woody boating!

Algonac Foundry 111

Right across the street from a Beer shack! Perfect location I say!

algonac foundry Sign beer

I suppose the beer place has been there a while too!

Oh, they got parts.. original castings, molds of every part in the classic boat universe, but don’t have them all cataloged yet. There is a paper way to figure it all out. but hard work needs to take place to locate and digitize it all.

Algonac foundry file

It’s all there. The best part is some of the employees have worked there for over 40 years and can tell you were it all is.

That will take some time and maybe a fantastic effort by the local ACBS chapter to help with. They have drawers, shelves, rooms, buildings full of stuff that needs to be categorized. Heck, Terry Feist did 10 minutes of looking and found a very hard to find vent. Bam.. He was blown away.

Algonac cast part

Terry’s vent find

algonac foundry 140

Rudders headed back to the furnace. Not good enough! That’s good old quality control at its best.

algonac foundry 141

Stuff headed to the furnace room

Algonac foundry 146

raw ingot.

algonac foundry 150 header

Poring metal into a sand form

algonac foundry 120

Time is marching on in classic time

Algonac foundry 121

the interior could be a movie set. Everything is there and working hard

algonac marine products

Just a cool office of one of the halls. look closely.. That’s a cast race boat on the desk. Hell ya!

algonac foundry 152

There is a ton, OK, maybe tons of cool stuff here for the gear head. This is an old template for some sort of sign. Made of wood.

Algonac foundry 170

Rooms of this stuff

algonac foundry 173

The finished product ready fro shipping

Algonac Mold bear claw

The original bear claw design, in Mahogany. Just right there on a wall. Mother of god, put that sucker on a shrine and lets pray to it every day!

algonac foundry99

Bert looking at some rare Donzi parts

Bert Harris scored some amazing Donzi vents as well. Rare stuff? Not any more. Its all right here…someplace.. Which by the way, only makes it that much cooler. So.. now you’re wondering, I need a vent from a , or a rudder for my whatever thing.. They have an old website, yes, at some point a website was made and a catalog. But that is for companies like Sea Ray that are clients. For us it’s more of a special one off thing. Or for some enterprising folks, maybe a way to order rare cant find stuff and sell them as a continuation of original parts from the original cast. Same serial number, same everything, not a reproduction. The fantastic thing, is that it’s all right where the boat gods intended them to be. Algonac!

algonac foundry 159

They had some old paper work from back in the day. The Woody Boatress found parts ordered on her birthday.. the day and year she was born!

algonac foundry 161

More papers of orders

Algonac foundry112

the Boatress and Jimmy.. She was honestly impressed. Really! My wife enjoyed touring a metal casting place. That’s how cool and nice it was.

A huge thanks to the folks putting the show together and including this on the trip. And a huge thankyou to the fantastic folks at Algonac Marine Cast.. There I said it one more time!

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  1. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    Glad to see an American company in a small town surviving and doing what it has done for over 50 years. I hope they are profitable and stay strong!

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    It’s up to all of us to make sure we buy the real parts made the real way, not cheap reproduction crap. The cool part is that there is really no better way to make what they make. Matched with a fantastic group of workers…yes one more time, and a town that supports them, and to be honest an affordable area to have a business. its all perfect.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I had some parts for my jet cast by a local business, well it turned out to be three local businesses by time I had finished usable parts. Having one shop that can do the casting, machining, heat treating etc. AND who has the original molds is priceless! Metal shrinks when it hardens, so you can’t make a mold out of an existing part, the mold template has to be appropriately bigger in all the right demensions. Having the original molds is a true gem.

  4. Matt
    Matt says:

    Great comment M-fine. Thats why this is such a find. Its been there all along, but the new owners openness is amazing.

  5. Sandi Trocinske
    Sandi Trocinske says:

    It is truly amazing what is tucked away in Algonac. Sounds like it was a terrific event.

    • Greg Wallace
      Greg Wallace says:

      In the right hands useable replacement castings can indeed be reproduced using the original parts as patterns. Wax is applied to accommodate shrinkage. We had the pleasure of working with “ACP” to reproduce struts for the CC 27 runabout. Their original wood patterns had been ruined by “flooding” at some point but they were able to make them using an original casting. They were great to work with. We have worked with Al Schinnerer as well for hard to reproduce castings with exceptional results. You just have to know what you are doing.

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        You can add to the outside dimensions, but you can’t remove from the insides on curved or complex shapes, hence the need for extra machining. You also won’t get an exact replica of a complex shape like the vents, either you accept it will be smaller, or the ratios will be slightly off unless you create a new dummy.

        • Cobourg kid
          Cobourg kid says:

          Now that’s a real treasure trove , almost as exciting as the rumour of finding the original Rainbow IV in a barn in western Vermont.

          It’s fantastic to see folks once again crafting useful things with there hands, hearts and minds … I had thought we had forgotten how to do that. Glad to have been proved wrong.

          One of the best WB stories this year, thanks Matt for bringing it to us!

  6. Mike Green
    Mike Green says:

    Very cool to see and I can’t wait to see what parts they dig up when get everything organized. I have used them for about ten years. The first time I called I talked to a lady that was about 65 and had worked there for many years. I told here I was originally from the area and was from the Chris Craft family. Come to find out she was a long time friend of my moms and they grew up together. I gave her my moms number and they contacted each other, I thought that was pretty cool. Great place for sure!

  7. Jake from State Farm
    Jake from State Farm says:

    Seeing that they do not have a flag, can we as a group, pay into a “Donate Now” button, and in the name of Woody Boater, get “OLD GLORY” flying over the factory.

    Matt put up the button and I do my part.

    • Cobourg kid
      Cobourg kid says:

      Simple cost saving suggestion from a frugal Canadian ….call the congressman or woman who represents Algonac and ask for the Stars and Stripes , while your at it call the Governor’s office and ask for a michigan flag also. This firm needs to be recognized by your politicians as a survivor

  8. Rich Marschner
    Rich Marschner says:

    Great idea, Jake. So Matt, the button…where IS the donate button, Matt?
    This was one of my fav stories in a long time. It just makes me feel good to know that specialized mfg can still work in the USofA, even on a tiny scale like this.
    When they get a parts list together, WB should have a new, and unique, advertiser! Talk about target marketing….

  9. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    There are places for three flags on that pole. The American flag and the maize and blue Block M you can get from Amazon. The problem is finding the Woodyboater flag to round out the display.

  10. Denis D
    Denis D says:

    A while back I had decided that I wanted to replace the mangled strut on my ’48 17′ Dlx I am restoring. After seeing the ad for Algonac Cast Products in The Brass Bell and reading their history, I decided that if I could buy a new one it would be a lot better than trying to find a good used one as I had planned. So I contacted Pam and was thrilled to find they could not only supply one but had one in stock. Well it arrived last week and is a thing of beauty, it even has the bearing installed. What a wonderful resource for our hobby!!

  11. Carl Garmhaus
    Carl Garmhaus says:

    Once again Matt, Thanks for all you do to bring the Woody Boater World to Algonac and our great fresh water state.

  12. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Wow, blown away by that place….but I still know they can’t duplicate the most amazing part: A woman that enjoyed a tour of a metal foundry. Trying garage finding one of those….and if you do….I want it. I would actually prefer a repro one as the originals are older than my late great grandmother.
    John in Va.

  13. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    Ever since this story now I drive past every time I’m in the area just to see how they’re doing and that they’re still there!! It’s about time for a follow up story!!

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