Alright, Who Was The Other Bidder? Vintage Yacht Cap.


I have been looking for one of these correct boat cap for years. And there it was on eBay. With only about 80 views, who would want one of those? Well, 34 bids later I have spent way to much on it, but will have it in a week. Anyone else interested in a correct hat? Not the cheap stuff that looks like a kids goof, but the real deal….We are now in the works to make custom one off authentic Boat Hats. Yes from the real original company from the original patterns. We are also in the works for nice quality shirts and other clothing. If you have interest, comment away, we are feeling out the market.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Will it add a point or two at the shows if I wear it and sit in the boat at the same time? I'll clain I just purchased the boat new and while on my first outing came through a time warp.

  2. kevin Kelleher
    kevin Kelleher says:

    Please tell me how to buy one of those Captains hats! Have a 1955 Chris-Craft Sea Skiff…need a hat like the one shown in either blue or white! Please contact soon!
    406-995-4386 home
    406-580-4386 cell
    *will buy immediately!

  3. Psheahan
    Psheahan says:

    I need one of those also!!! I’ve been looking for one like that for years also.

    Please contact me if you decieded to make the hats.

  4. Darrell
    Darrell says:

    Hi – I have been searching for a quality Captain’s cap for several years. I’ve noted that they were plentiful in the sixties (Gilligan’s Isle, Mad Mad Mad World (Milton Berle) and Flipper (Cap) – just to site a few examples. The cap shown on your site is beautiful and obviously well made as distinguished from the very cheap “costume” hats that only seem to be available these days. If it is possible to order one please let me know. Sincerely, Darrell

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