American Marc Stardust. Boat Or Art? Art, Boat?

$_57Today on ebay, you can purchase this really sweet 1961 American Marc Stardust. Now, here is the reality of the situation. It’s cool, yes very cool, OK insane cool, and you will no doubt want to click on the buy it button. But, you’ll use the boat a bunch of times, fine. OK, you’ll use it alot, take it to shows, answer a bunch of fin questions and jokes and eventually fall into the deep addiction of fellow Woody Boater Bill Anderson has. I am surprised he hasn’t already bought this thing, unless he already has 5 of them. Anyway, here is the thought.. Make it wall art.. that’s right, just like the header..


You can put it in your office, or large room at a factory you own, or warehouse you rent. Make it ART.. Thats right.. Now, why am I saying this about this boat and not that Cobalt you got rotting out in the back yard. Well, look at the lines.. This sucker screams art. The dipping bow line and fins.. Its small enough, yet large enough to make a statement. These little finned plastic boats are about to bust loose on the value-o-meter. maybe not tomorrow, but soon..ish.. You will never be able to make a replica. THis is it, fiberglass isnt like wood, the mold is possibly long gone, making this the one to have. So. Interested.. All ya gotta do is CLICK HERE FOR EBAY LISTING


Very cool matching engine


Cool blue top. Original? I doubt it. Maybe a cool plaid one?


Very simple period details make this a very nice work of art. Now all you need is a huge wall.

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  1. Chris B
    Chris B says:

    Great header. alas i have no room on the wall for such a large piece. i would have to remove the large painting of bears in a wood boat and and the panting dogs playing poker. that just too much to give up. but you did make it look cool.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    There is a boat with a bow design like that around here. Cool teal color.

    This can be another Bow for Texx also!

  3. don vogt
    don vogt says:

    Sorry, Matt, although I find a number of the plastic boats to be cool, imho, this one is seriously ugly!

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I am voting with Don on this one. Take away the canvas top and it is just white. Even a clorox bottle has more pizzaz.

  5. Briant
    Briant says:

    Some of you are being a bit harsh with the comments! From a design standpoint, the flowing lines of this boat mimic those of many of our modern cars ie those crappy overpriced Audis, and many others. Yet few have (it seems) any problem sinking $40k into one of those things. Modern wake board boats all look the same, a do most of the new cars. At least some designer tried to do something a bit different and eye pleasing with this boat. A Clorox bottle? Ouchy mamma!

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Note how the Clorox bottle also starts with a curvy white base. BUT, then it adds a splash of color with the mid band with several shades of radiating blue and complementary orange to give it some contrast. Even the white plastic has superior detailing such as the raised lettering that curves under the arch of the handle. It also comes from the factory with a blue top. It is not even close, Chlorox has a better more pleasing design hands down.

  6. Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson says:

    Actually at one time this was on my want list,but it is not rare enough and I have enough to do,see pic,Great lines like you said but this is probable the first all white one I have seen,the lines are typical plastic[Tupperware] they all had a unique style in the day,back then you didn’t have to look for an emblem in hubcap to see what kind it was,here is pic of projects to do,then where do I put them when done,, Bill

  7. don vogt
    don vogt says:

    bill, what is the one with the fins on the far right in the second picture? do you have any other picture of it you could post. that appears to have promise.

    • don vogt
      don vogt says:

      Gosh, Bill that is way too cool particularly with the matching chevy!

      About the only thing i saw that comes close is a western fairliner torpedo with a 48 packard convertible (the one that looks like a bath tub).

      Maybe Matt should do a piece on matching b oats and cars.

  8. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    That Reniell is super cool. I would love an inboard version of that so there would be no ouboard to break up the “rear bumper”.

  9. PG
    PG says:

    Anyone who has experience of the American Marc Stardust boat?

    Reason is that I just bought one and need to find an interior, a windshield and some clets.

    What is the recommended engine size for the boat?

    Is there anyone who produce parts for this boat?

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