And Now For Something Different, Sea Sled Brochure

Fast Enough? For who? Whom?

If you have been lucky enough to one of these in person, they are amazing. But I have never seen a sales brochure on them, and such is the joy of our little community. Lots of variety and a true representation of Real Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence. No computer stuff here. Just pure human brain power and a WHY NOT TRY? I think this is one of the most attractive part of our shared passion. Analog design, analog construction. You can still feel the humanity in each part of these, and all our boats. Anyway I digress into some sort of sermon about the importance of  the creativity of the human soul. YA! All this from a dumb brochure on ebay. And yes the irony of technology helping me find this and publish it while listening to BB King is not lost on me.  You try and write this crap every day? Wow, this is turning bitter. I guess I am just human. Okay, all good now.

And you thought Boston Whaler was the first to do this?


I am sorry, but this looks like a train wreck about to happen in the driver “situation”

Performance? Seems like a lot of Marketing BS? Sorry.

Specs. I wonder how “fast enough” is? 200hp in a 28 footer is ? and a 75 in a 23 footer? As I go through this brochure, to be honest as a marketing person. Its a lot of fluff, and with a new design concept, needs to be VERY factual. And have a rational reason why its designed this way. OH Wait, Thats what Boston Whaler did!