Angry Sausage Today

Sending a post card from a Sanatorium..

I have been up since 4AM and trying to write a story. Everything I write is angry and bitter. Website updates, new sponsors,  a new Woody Boater, maybe another Railway story. Like you, I am in the same boat. Its the winter doldrums, and the holidays are over and its back to work. Zoom calls, deadlines and the normal day to day of work that you get used to, but when you break it for a while. It all slaps you in the face. To be honest I was all prepped for the new WoodyBoater site. Been holding back stuff so its a better experience. Okay, here I go again…. Bitterness is starting to creep back in.. And one thing that always saves me, is some good old sausage. So.. Here ya go.

Why formal writers should never write ads.

20 OZ T Bone! Good god!

Did not know Penzoil made marine oil. I mean I would have assumed so, but?

I hope those are air bubbles.. I mean after she ate that 20 OZ T bone?

Would be a cool banner to find.

Cape may cool

I love it when Illustrators have zero concept of what they are drawing.

Lame boat, lame weather, and LAME fish. Why?

This is on ebay for 34 bucks. You find it, I dont have the energy to even create a link


1947 – Pre #metoo

Are you the only one at the dock with an interesting boat?

I miss the gratuitous use of babes

Great, now all I am going to think of when I go to a boat show is BROWN’S

Okay, what ever school this was, It’s a very cool school.

Why? This is a post card for this place. Looks like fun doesnt it? Maybe some Zombies would add a little sumthing.


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  1. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Repair of Fiberglass Boat character looks like the Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man from the original Ghostbusters movie.

    And that 20 ounce T-Bone reminds me of the Ol’ 96’er steak from the Great Outdoors John Candy movie.

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    The Michigan gang is getting together in Port Huron this morning for some “Boat the Blue” planning. Yes, the big event is happening again this year. All of WoodyBoaterville is invited. Wohoo!

  3. Art
    Art says:

    I have a suggestion for days that you get stuck for a story………………and have a new member or sponsor, give them a shout out, welcome aboard post. Especially the new sponsor, they would like to see their name/business highlighted.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      HA Art – Thats what started me down a dark trail. We are going to announce some new sponsors that we are thrilled about and a new sponsorship program. But it all just came off bitter, so I had to get my mind in the zone.

    • Art
      Art says:

      Wow Greg you just dug up a memory of the 2021 Boat the Blue for me.
      I drove Molly-O from Harsen’s Island the 25 miles to Port Huron on Friday afternoon and the river was as flat as I have ever seen it. Not one wave or even a ripple, simply amazing. Going home on Saturday afternoon was completely different story. I was about a mile from the Black River heading downstream when the swells started to build, maybe 1 to 2 footers. I thought, Molly can take 1-2 footers, no problem. Well, was I mistaken, about 5 minuets later they turned onto 4-6 footers with an occasional 8 footer, they were so big I didn’t want to chance turning around, so I kept the bow into them and slowed to a crawl, just enough to keep me straight into them. Even at a crawl they were coming over the fore deck……..yes it was a white knuckle trip the next 10 miles to ST. Clair, where my Boatress met me. Molly-O spent the night in St. Clair and got safely home the next day.

  4. Wayne Bomb
    Wayne Bomb says:

    Hi Matt! I’m haunting you from beautiful Costa Rica. Great job finishing the door! But you know me; why didn’t you finish the rest of the siding before beginning any other friggin art project? Guess the siding will wait until I get back, or maybe next winter.

  5. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    OK – That fiberglass repair illustration is oddly honest and appropriate, the girl in the old photo is still looking for the Johnson she was expecting and after exams, it seems to me the goal would be to relax…

  6. Michael A Hill
    Michael A Hill says:

    The last photo/postcard is of the Twine House restaurant on the Huron River in Huron Ohio. (late 1960’s-early 70’s). Named after the net-tending that supported the massive commercial fishing industry that once was on Lake Erie, the Twine House was a more refined dining experience compared to bawdy McGarvey’s down the road in Vermilion. Once or twice a season, my parents would host a few friends aboard our 1952 24′ Chris Craft and take them to the Twine House for an evening of sophisticated entertainment without the troublesome bother of us heathen children

  7. bob smith
    bob smith says:

    People admire, appreciate, and enjoy your charming funny and insightful stories; a Big thank you for what you do; stop putting so much pressure on yourself and just have fun!

  8. Brock
    Brock says:

    On Sausage Day, is it OK if I post a photo and a question? Two of these old life preservers were in my newly acquired 1930 CC Model 99. I haven’t found anything like them online. Was wondering if anyone had insight on their age?

  9. Ollon
    Ollon says:

    Brock, it’s a basic PFD used on ferry boats and such. Easy to store a bunch of them in a small area. Yours is probably early to mid 70s by the look of straps and metal snap buckle. They still use this basic design today but with nylon and plastic.

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